Minimising babies dry skin

What can I do to minimise my babies dry skin.

  • Avoid using bathing products that contain soap as one of its ingredients as it can further dry out the skin. It’s best not to use any harsh cleansing products on your baby, because they could strip their skin of natural oils and dry it out. Avoid using any washing products that lather or foam up, especially soaps, bubble baths or shower gels that aren’t designed for babies. Check the ingredients list on any products before you buy them!
  • Reduce the number of baths or the length of time your baby is in the water but don’t forget to still have fun time!
  • Apply a moisturiser after bathing your baby that has been specifically developed for babies and infants that is free from harmful ingredients such as alcohol, colours, fragrances and preservatives such as Bepanthen® Moisturiser.
  • Ensure your little ones skin is not exposed during the winter months and in particular during the summer months - use a suncream that is approved for babies and infants
  • Keep your little one hydrated with regular intake of fluids e.g water