Care Tips

Prevention Tips

Change the nappy often

It's vital to stop stale urine being in contact with your baby’s delicate skin, so try to change disposable nappies frequently. If you're using terry nappies a disposable liner may help protect your baby’s skin.

Clean the area thoroughly

At each nappy change the whole area should be cleaned and allowed to dry completely.

Use a protective ointment

Coat your baby’s bottom with a thin layer of protective ointment such as Bepanthen® at every nappy change and especially at bedtime. This reinforces the skins natural barrier and helps stop the irritating chemicals in urine and faeces from penetrating.

Allow the skin breathe

Let your baby kick their legs without a nappy as much as possible, make sure the room's warm and there’s a towel or nappy for any little leaks!

Loosen the nappy

Absorbent disposable nappies can keep the skin dry – but make sure they’re loose enough for air to circulate.

Wash carefully

Wash terry nappies in non-biological products to prevent irritation and choose a boil wash to beat the bugs.

Everyday care

Most nappy creams are designed to treat infected nappy rash (30% of cases) and contain ingredients and antiseptics not suitable for everyday use on a baby’s delicate skin. For everyday protection, use a gentle ointment designed for baby’s delicate skin such as Bepanthen®.

Give the skin a chance

Avoid plastic pants and tight clothes as they stop the area breathing.

Treatment Tips

Keep it Clean

Cleanse the area thoroughly every time you change the nappy. Clean your baby’s bottom and all skin creases by gently wiping the skin with cotton wool soaked in lukewarm water.

Treat the skin

Bepanthen® is formulated to help the natural recovery of irritated skin and forms a long lasting, protective waterproof barrier over the skin, while still providing the moisture needed to promote gentle recovery. Apply it after each nappy change.

Be Gentle

Baby-wipes are sometimes too harsh for babies with sore and sensitive skin, so try using cotton wool and warm water instead.

When should I see the doctor?

Most nappy rash will clear up quickly with your care… and a little help from Bepanthen®. If the skin is still sore there may be an infection, which needs treatment from your doctor, so make an appointment if:

  • The rash is spreading outside the nappy area or the skin is broken and weeping
  • Your baby is feverish and unwell
  • The nappy rash hasn’t responded to your treatment within a few days