Good routine skincare

'Everyday care and protection from the causes of nappy rash'

Good Routine

Good infant skincare can help prevent the most common dermatoses in babies.
Good routine baby skincare is a set of practices which aims to give the best care to the fragile skin of infants. It comprises of three steps...

Good bathing practice

  • Many baby cleansing products are harsh for baby’s skin as they contain detergents that remove the skin lipids (source)

Good nappy practice

  • Use good quality disposable nappies. Compared with washable cloth nappies, these have been shown to be associated with a reduced incidence and decreased severity of nappy rash. (sources)
  • Nappies should be changed immediately when soiled to reduce the amount of time the skin is in contact with the urine/faeces. Also, depending on the age of the child, nappies should be changed frequently.

Routine use of emollient – Bepanthen® Ointment can help with this!!

  • In general, Ointment (water in oil formulations with a lipid content ≥ 50%) provide a superior moisture barrier than lighter oil in water products (source)
  • Therefore ointments are generally more effective than creams and lotions (source)


  • Protect against skin disruption
  • Are important for maintaining skin moisture but not all emollients support the skin barrier (source)
  • Studies have shown that application of a barrier supportive emollient aid in protecting and repairing the skin barrier (source)