Nappy Rash

As soft as... a baby's bottom

Your baby’s bottom is soft, smooth and very sensitive. The skin is thinner than adults and has a higher pH level, making it vulnerable to irritation and infection. It also has to put up with difficult conditions, spending most of the day and night wrapped tightly in a hot, damp nappy and in regular contact with urine and faeces. It’s not surprising that it has a tendency to become red and sore. Nappy rash is likely to affect most babies especially babies from 6 to 12 months.

What causes nappy rash?

Nappy rash is caused by a baby’s delicate skin being in contact with the irritating chemicals in urine and faeces. This is made worse by a tight nappy which both rubs and stops the air circulating.

When is a baby likely to suffer?

There are times when your baby is more vulnerable to nappy rash, usually when:

  • They're premature
  • They're teething
  • They're unwell or recovering from a vaccination
  • They're taking antibiotics; these can upset the delicate balance in the body and make thrush infections more likely
  • Their skin is sensitive, or there's eczema in the family
  • They have a tummy upset
  • Their diet has changed, particularly during weaning or changing from the breast to the bottle

What does Nappy Rash Look Like?

  • Nappy rash starts off with a slight redness/inflammation around the nappy area
  • The area may also become sore, spotty and hot to touch
  • If the skin becomes damaged it is more likely that a fungus that lives naturally on the skin will overgrow, causing fungal nappy rash.