Nappy rash

    Bepanthen baby cream helps deal with nappy rash

    A red rash on the skin that is in contact with the nappy e.g. bottom, genitalia and thighs, which may have scattered pimples or swellings

    The skin may appear glazed and fine scaling of the skin may appear in severe cases

    The rash may be painful and itchy which can mean your child appears distressed, agitated or uncomfortable

    In severe cases, the skin may appear swollen and ulcerated

    Please speak to your healthcare professional if you are concerned.

    Most of the nappy care products available are designed to treat infected nappy rash (30% of cases) and contain ingredients and antiseptics which are unsuitable for everyday use on a baby's delicate skin. For everyday protection, use a gentle ointment designed for baby's delicate skin such as Bepanthen.

    Baby bottom cream is a good way to avoid skin irritation
    • Change your child's nappy five to seven times a day.
    • Make sure you’re using the right nappy size. If it’s too tight, it can cause irritation. Test the nappy with your finger: it should fit easily between the skin and the nappy cuffs.
    • Let air get to your baby’s bottom as often as possible. For example, let him go nappy-free during winding.
    • When you go out, remember to take a clean nappy with you, so your child doesn’t sit in a soiled one for too long.
    • Always clean your baby's bottom from front to back.
    • Use clean, lukewarm water when washing your baby. Soap can irritate the skin.
    • After cleaning, allow your baby’s bottom to dry in the open air for a few minutes.
    • Avoid perfumed toiletries or wipes.
    • Use Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment at every nappy change, especially at bedtime when the nappy is on for the longest period to help protect against the causes of nappy rash. Lightly massage the ointment into the bottom to protect the skin’s natural barrier and help stop the chemicals in urine and faeces from irritating the skin.

    Our Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment contains Provitamin B5, which gently helps sensitive skin to repair its natural protective barrier while keeping it soft, smooth and moisturised. It forms a transparent protective barrier on the skin, letting the skin breathe and protect it from irritants. The ointment’s creamy texture is non-sticky, easy to clean, and can be applied effortlessly. It’s also free from fragrances, colorants and preservatives.